Inventory Management & POS Development

Realtime Stock inventory online


This is a complete solution for every company who is looking for an enhanced inventory management and POS system.

  • APP DEVELOPMENT COMAPNIES To streamline the stock management process
  • APP DEVELOPMENT COMAPNIES Allow managing the stock in head office and across multiple outlets.
  • APP DEVELOPMENT COMAPNIES To generate purchase orderes, requisition orders, stock transfers, delivery challan etc.
  • APP DEVELOPMENT COMAPNIES To facilitate the invoicing with discounts and taxes.
  • APP DEVELOPMENT COMAPNIES Allow barcode generation and scanning for faster checkouts.
  • Inventory Management & Pos Software

    A complete inventory management and invoicing solution

  • Barcode Generation and Scanning

    Software allows useres to generate the barcode for the SKU so that all details of the SKU get fetched by just scaning the barcode.

  • Stock Management

    A complete stock management process which automatically indicates the reorder level of the stock.


To develop inventory management application is simple but to develop the one which delivers results is a challenging task. Here’s where we come in to the picture. Being an established inventory management app development company, we have helped many businesses looking to develop app what they strived for.

time status

The total volume of work done was much greater than initially planned. We successfully developed the backlog features faster than estimated and completed many additional tasks. The latter influenced the timeframe a bit, but the customer was satisfied with the end result.


  • Estimate of time -720h
  • Actual time spent -840h
  • Additional tasks -120h

Front End

  • Estimate of time -240h
  • Actual time spent -240h
  • Additional tasks -0h
Technology Stack Behind Our Inventory Management Solution

We understand the need to evolve with time. Thus, we take pride in being among the preferred inventory management app development company due to our innovative and groundbreaking designs and development which are loved by one and all.


After the app’s release, the client received initial feedback from users. Based on their opinions, we continue working on the app to optimize and improve it as well as to add new features. At present, the customer is intensifying his efforts to carry out a successful marketing campaign.

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