Find your answers with videos


Puppy is the platform which provides allows users to ask question or give answers either by writing or by uploading a video.

  • APP DEVELOPMENT COMAPNIES Give users a tool to record a video with question or answer and upload it to the platform.
  • APP DEVELOPMENT COMAPNIES Allows user to also select category for which user want to ask a question.
  • APP DEVELOPMENT COMAPNIES Allow users to upvote or down vote the video answers.
  • APP DEVELOPMENT COMAPNIES Search the question according to the categories
  • APP DEVELOPMENT COMAPNIES Follow or like the other user profiles.
  • feature 01

    User can create his/her profile and can also see the question or answers history.

  • feature 02

    Record your video using the in app camera to ask question or answer any question.

  • feature 03

    Search for available questions or answers using the categories

  • feature 04

    Set notifications for the particular category.


UI Design

Smooth and Elegant design with blend of light shades which is soothing to eyes of the user. Total time spent on UI design: 120 hours

App is build using the powerfull aws stack. Front end is react native and API are in node.js. For videos we have used amazon s3 and database is mongodb.

Time status

The total volume of work done was much greater than initially planned. We successfully developed the backlog features faster than estimated and completed many additional tasks. The latter influenced the timeframe a bit, but the customer was satisfied with the end result.


  • Estimate of time -620h
  • Actual time spent -518h
  • Additional tasks -110h
  • Additional tasks -628h


  • Estimate of time -620h
  • Actual time spent -518h
  • Additional tasks -110h
  • Additional tasks -628h

Front End

  • Estimate of time -620h
  • Actual time spent -518h
  • Additional tasks -110h
  • Additional tasks -628h
Technology Stack Behind Our Food Delivery App Development

We understand the need to evolve with time. Thus, we take pride in being among the preferred food delivery app development company due to our innovative and groundbreaking designs and development which are loved by one and all.


After the app’s release, the client received initial feedback from users. Based on their opinions, we continue working on the app to optimize and improve it as well as to add new features. At present, the customer is intensifying his efforts to carry out a successful marketing campaign.

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